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Gin is a distillate which is composed of juniper alcohol. The mixture before distillation is flavoured with other fruits or herbs such as cardamom, almond, licorice, lemon, coriander ... The use of these flavours create the differences between gins:. Thus it can be citrus, spicy, fruity ... The basic... See more

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  • Gin Gordon's 1L

    Gin Gordon's 1L

    TASTING NOTES: - Colour: Gin Gordon's 1L is colorless. - Flavour: Aromas crops. - Taste: Refreshing distinctive flavor comes from the best carefully selected juniper berries and a selection of other plant products. PRODUCER: Tanqueray Gordon's...

    Gin (England)

    Tanqueray Gordon's & Co (Spirits)

    Gin Tanqueray Gordon's & Co »


  • Saffron Gin

    Saffron Gin

    TASTING NOTES: - Colour: Bright orange - Smell: Notes from the predominant botanical fennel and saffron. Surprisingly traditional, strong notes of juniper and citrus. - Taste: Juniper saffron fades and becomes more clear. You see the notes of...

    Gin (France)

    Gabriel Boudier (Spirits)

    Gin Gabriel Boudier »


  • Gin Mombasa Club

    Gin Mombasa Club

    TASTING NOTES: - Colour: Crystal and brilliant - Smell: Uncover the subtlety of the most exotic botanicals, angelica root, cassia bark, coriander seed. Surrounded by slightly spicy aromas of clove, cumin and marked with a background of...

    Gin (England)

    Mombasa Club (Spirits)

    Gin Mombasa Club »


  • Monkey 47 50cl

    Monkey 47 50cl

    TASTING NOTES: - Colour: Monkey 47 50cl shows a clear and bright colour. - Flavour: The aroma of juniper berry is highlighting the slight sweet and spicy aromas. - Taste: A balanced and complex gin, dry, intense flavour of juniper and citrus,...

    Gin (Germany)

    Black Forest Distillers GmbH (Spirits)

    Gin Black Forest Distillers GmbH »


  • Gin Mare

    Gin Mare

    TASTING NOTES: - Nose: Gin Gin Mare smells herbs and citrus. - Taste: Taste balanced juniper own herbs. INGREDIENTS: Botanists used are the classics to which add thyme, basil, rosemary and olive Arbequina, clearly Mediterranean products,...

    Gin (Spain)

    Global Premium Brands (Spirits)

    Gin Global Premium Brands »


  • Gin G'Vine Nouaison

    Gin G'Vine Nouaison

    TASTING NOTES: - Colour: No colour, with minimal turbidity. - Smell: Aromas of citrus, very aromatic. - Taste: More intense and spicy than her partner Floraison, soft, silky, light and fresh on the palate, with sweet taste for alcohol, tastier...

    Gin (France)

    Eurowinegate (Spirits)

    Gin Eurowinegate »


  • Fifty Pounds

    Fifty Pounds

    TASTING NOTES: - Colour: White crystalline - Smell: botanical notes together with alcohol. - Taste: top Geneva, dry and elegant. It is characterized by an inimitable softness and a unique taste, complex and perfectly balanced....

    Gin (England)

    Thames Distillers Ltd. (Spirits)

    Gin Thames Distillers Ltd. »


  • Monkey 47 The Becher 1L

    Monkey 47 The Becher 1L

    Producer: Black Forest Distillers GmbH Category: Gin


    Black Forest Distillers GmbH (Spirits)

    Gin Black Forest Distillers GmbH »